21 September, 2016

-Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues & Ms. Jhanvi Saive

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Std II participated in a workshop on ‘Love thy Environment’ conducted by Nikita and Labdhi co- founders of Beyond Academics along with their team on 20th and 21st of September, 2016. The group Beyond Academics is associated with different schools in Mumbai where they conduct fun-loving workshops and events. Their belief is that children must develop a sense of respect and care for the environment during their formative years. Hence through these workshops they instruct children about healthy lifestyle and clean surrounding with the 3 R mantra i. e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.
They explained to our children how to minimize waste, reuse it and recycle the same into new and useful objects. They conducted an activity where old CD’s were used to prepare useful toy clocks. They also conducted a quiz and rewarded the students with recycling super hero badges.  Each child was encouraged to pot a plant and all the materials were provided by them. They watched videos and power-point presentations which enhanced learning. The students got an opportunity to play various games and solve an interesting worksheet which enabled the teachers to gauge the learning outcomes. It was indeed a day of thorough enjoyment for the students coupled with some serious and valuable learning inputs.