Student Council

The Student Council of Don Bosco High School, Matunga is elected on a democratic basis, which upholds the value of freedom of expression.


The Mission:

The Student Council seeks to accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing its student leaders with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.
  • Influencing their peers through words and deeds.
  • Seeking new ventures and being agents of change.

The Vision:

“Lead By Example” Background: Filled with passion loyalty and service to the school, the Student Council works hard to create a healthy and vivacious school environment; in the hope to create a sense of belonging for the student population and staff. The current strength of the student council is 35 members. There are 14 student council members comprising the captain and vice captain; activity, discipline and house captains and vice captains. Besides these there are 18 working committee members and the R.S.P, NCC and Scout leaders. The student council works hard to create a platform for nurturing leaders of tomorrow. To achieve this goal, the leaders hope to head and organize different programs for the students of the school.



1 School Captain:Pranav Jha
2 Vice Captain: Arnav Sawant
3 Captain (Primary Section)Adrian Borges .
4 Vice Captain(Primary Section) Liam Sequeira.
5 Sports and Activity Captain: Bishal Pradhan.
6  Sports and Activity Vice Captain: Reyansh  Mehta .
7 Discipline Captain:Moin Hakim
8 Discipline Vice Captain: Sujal Chauha .
9  Red house captain: Ravin Shah.
10  Red house vice Captain:Craig D’cruz .
11 Blue house captain: Utkarsh Kokattu  .
12 Blue house vice Captain: Gopinath Bera .
13 Green house  Captain: Heet Mehta .
14  Green house vice Captain: Ishan Lamba .
15  Yellow house captain: Hishaam Majeed .
16 Yellow house vice Captain: Andre Fernandes .
17 R.S.P Captain:Aman Gupta.
18  SCOUT Captain:Rohan Devadiga .
19 N.C.C Captain:Aditya Swamy.
20 Working Committee Captain : Vanspal Singh Kalsi
21 Working Committee Vice Captain: Swayam Singh .