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History of Don Bosco High School- Matunga

SalesiansOn May 16, 1928, four Salesians – Fr. Joseph Hauber (the Rector), Fr. Austin Oehlert, Bro. William Haughey and Bro. Michael Devalle took over the management of the Educational Institution of the Immaculate Conception from Fr. J.S. Freitas S.J .. The school was housed in a rented building called “Tardeo Castle”. When the new school year commenced on June 6, 1928, there was complete change of staff and servants. On the rolls were one hundred and eight-nine day scholars and ninety-eight boarders. The staff was composed of nine masters and four lady teachers. Mr Roch Thomas was the Head Master officially from July 1, 1928. Two years later in June 1930, the institution changed its name to Don Bosco High School. In 1932 Fr. Adolf Tornquist succeeded Fr. Hauber, staying in office until his departure for Argentina in May 1936. The school then remained without a Rector for nine months.

DB shrine oldIn 1937, Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio was appointed Superior. Gifted with rare foresight, dynamism and with penchant for materializing his plans, Fr. Aurelius made an assessment of the existing situation, laid our his plans and launched out in a massive way to obtain funds. He found at Matunga a spacious plot – a landscape of marsh, water filled pits and slimymud which he proposed to buy. In the meanwhile Rev. Frs. Beruruli and Candela of the Superior Council, during their brief stop in Bombay on their way back to Turin from the Far East, visited the proposed Matunga plot and gave their approval for its purchase.

With notice to quit Tardeo Castle by October 1, 1940 the entire school was shifted to a place called ‘Hilltop’ on Carmichael Road at Cumbala Hill by the end of September 1940. In the meanwhile all attention was focused upon the new place bought at Matunga for a future Don Bosco Institution. And so it came to pass that March 19, 1941, the foundation stone of the new building in Matunga was blessed and laid by Archbishop Thomas Roberts S.J.

By October 31, 1941, ” Hilltop” was vacated and the school moved into the partially completed building. On January 31 st, 1942, the premises were completed and solemnly inaugurated. It remains today as the secondary section of Don Bosco, Matunga.

The foundation stone of the primary section building was blessed and laid on the feast of Don Bosco January 31, 1950. The building was completed in time for the new school year of June 1951.
During the Rectorship of Fr. M. CasaroUi (1952-1958), the Shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna was started and completed by Fr. Maschio. Fr. Hubert Roasario became the next Rector. He was elected Bishop of Dibrugarh at the end of his term. On November 28, 1958, during the sacred function of the consecration of the new Church, Bishop D’Rosario with seven other bishops also consecrated the eight beautiful altars of the Church and the Crypt.
In January, 1965 Fr. John Giacomello, Rector and Rev. Fr. Ignatius Rubio, Administrator, built what is the preset boarding house.

Salesians and Staff of Don Bosco High School, in Matunga, Bombay. 1973


Rector, Rev. Fr. Wilfred D'Souza

Rector, Rev. Fr. Wilfred D’Souza

Rector: Rev Fr. Wilfred D’Souza

A serene, smiling countenance greets you in the person of Rev. Fr. Wilfred D’souza our Rector. Rev.Fr. Wilfred is affable, willing, welcoming and always open to discussions and suggestions. He plays an active role in guiding and counseling the students. With his positive attitude he shepherds and encourages us all students , teachers and parents to excel in our every endeavour.



Principal: Rev Fr. Bernard Fernandes

Fr. Bernard

Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes

Fr. Bernard Fernandes takes over as the Principal of the school. He  has been in the field of education for eighteen years. He was the Principal of Don Bosco High School & Junior College, Lonavla, and of St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala . He was also in charge of the Boys’ Home at Dominic Savio, Andheri.  He believes that in order to grow, we have to learn constantly. There is no end to our learning process. He believes in having a dream and a goal, lest we aimlessly drift. He comes with a vision and a mission for the school. He enjoys music and being punctual.






Rev. Fr. Roy

Rev. Fr. Roy

Vice-Principal & Adminstrator: Rev Fr. Roy

The wheels of the school move ceaselessly, methodically and silently. Thanks to our hawk-eyed Vice Principal and Administrator. He is constantly on the move humbly, attending to the smallest detail, supervising the work done personally and efficiently, thus he makes his presence felt. The students say they find Rev. Fr. Roy very approachable. In his soft yet firm manner, he demystifies any situation that needs his attention.

Fr. Bastin

Fr. Bastin

Rev. Fr. Bastin

Fr. Bastin Thomas holds the post of Prefect of Studies in the Boarding, and is also an Assistant teacher in the school. Before his transfer to Don Bosco Matunga this scholastic year, Fr. Bastin was the parish priest of Don Bosco church, Nashik. He brings along with him a rich experience in the pastoral ministry and apostolic work.





Our Silver Jubilarians



     From 1959 to 1993                                                                          1994 onwards 

Name Year Name Year
1 Mr. Roch Thomas 01.01.1959 51 Mrs. Carol Lopez 01.01.1994
2 Mr. K.G. Shiva 01.01.1965 52 Mrs. Shailaja Kher 01.01.1994
3 Mr. D. A. Gole 01.01.1968 53 Mrs. Gemma Vasan 01.01.1994
4 Mr. M. D. Kale 01.01.1969 54 Mrs. Florinda Periera 01.01.1994
5 Mr. K. J. Nath 01.01.1969 55 Mrs. Yolanda Rodrigues 01.01.1994
6 Mr. Charles Farro 01.01.1972 56 Mr. Camillo Fernandes 01.01.1994
7 Mrs. Winifred Mendonca 01.01.1974 57 Mrs. Florence D’Silva 01.01.1994
8 Mr. S.R. Sonalkar 01.01.1978 58 Mr. Chandrika Rai 01.01.1994
9 Mrs.Nellie D’Souza 01.01.1978 59 Mr. D. Kantharaju 01.01.1994
10 Mrs. Clare Misquitta 01.01.1978 60 Mr. R.P Pandey 01.01.1999
11 Mr. V.K Anthony 01.01.1972 61 Mr. M.O Paulson 01.01.1999
12 Miss Julie D’Costa 01.01.1974 62 Mr. V.K George 01.01.1999
13 Mrs. Eunice Lawrence 01.01.1978 63 Mr. Balram P. Salpekar 01.01.2001
14 Mr. Cruz Fernando 01.01.1978 64 Mr. Govind Parmar R. 01.01.2002
15 Mr. F. Tiburtius 01.01.1978 65 Miss Lynette D’Lima 01.01.2003
16 Mr. P. Samudram 01.01.1978 66 Mrs. Mabel Gonsalves 01.01.2004
17 Mr. J.A Carvalho 01.01.1983 67 Miss Meena Bhambani 01.01.2005
18 Mrs. Emeline Monteiro 01.01.1984 68 Mrs. Iona Pereira 01.01.2005
19 Mr. S.L. Sardesi 01.01.1984 69 Mr. Davis Dias 01.01.2005
20 Mrs. Theresa S’Costa 01.01.1985 70 Mrs. Berth D’ mello 01.01.2007
21 Mrs. Alice D’Souza 01.01.1985 71 Mrs. Lynette Remedios 01.01.2007
22 Mrs. Philomena Godinho 01.01.1985 72 Mrs. Janet D’Cruz 01.01.2007
23 Mr. Lawrence D’Souza 01.01.1986 73 Mrs. Beatrice Pinto 01.01.2007
24 Miss Shalini Shirali 01.01.1986 74 Mrs. Daphny Pereira 01.01.2009
25 Mr. D.V. Sharma 01.01.1987 75 Mrs. Succorin D’Souza 01.01.2009
26 Mr. T.J. Vaz 01.01.1987 76 Mr. Anthony Chinnappan 01.01.2009
27 Mrs. Sybil Pezarkar 01.01.1989 77 Mrs. Neelam Maheshwari 01.01.2010
28 Mrs. Irene D’Silva 01.01.1989 78 Mrs. Barbara Fernandes 01.01.2010
29 Miss Jeanette Castelino 01.01.1989 79 Mrs. Colleen Azavedo 01.01.2010
30 Mrs. Eugene Braganza 01.01.1989 80 Mr. S. D. Rai 01.01.2011
31 Mrs. Philomena Pinto 01.01.1989 81 Mr. Paul Durai 01.01.2011
32 Mrs. Agnes Fernandes 01.01.1989 82 Mr. Francis Mascarenhas 01.01.2011
33 Mr. Simon Fernandes 01.01.1989 83 Mr. A. S. Ambrose 01.01.2012
34 Mrs. Marie D’Souza 01.01.1991 84 Mrs. Syria Paiva 01.01.2012
35 Miss Grace D’Souza 01.01.1991 85 Mr. Hiramani Shukla 01.01.2013
36 Mrs. Philomena Dias 01.01.1992 86 Mr. J. Mudiappan 01.01.2013
37 Mr. C.J. Thomas 01.01.1992 87 Mr. Manuel Fernandes 01.01.2014
38 Miss Rosy Joseph 01.01.1992 88 Mrs. Shoba D’Souza 01.01.2014
39 Mrs. Elizabeth Dinshaw 01.01.1992 89 Mr. Cliff Richard D’Souza 01.01.2015
40 Mrs. Freda Shirshat 01.01.1992 90 Mr. Palji Karelia 01.01.2015
41 Mr. Luis Trinidade 01.01.1992 91 Mr. Anthony Fernando 01.01.2015
42 Mr. K.N. Jain 01.01.1992
43 Mr. N. M Patel 01.01.1992
44 Mrs. Marie Menezes 01.01.1993
45 Mrs. Donata Alphonso 01.01.1993
46 Miss Clare Alvares 01.01.1993
47 Mrs. Natalie Fernandes 01.01.1993
48 Mrs. Bella D’Costa 01.01.1993
49 Mrs. Carmen Collaco 01.01.1993
50 Mrs. Martha Alphonso 01.01.1993


No Name Duration
1 Rev. Fr. Wilfred D’ Souza 2012 to date
2 Rev Fr. Jude D’ Mello 2006 TO 2012
3 Rev. Fr. Ronald Menezes 2000 TO 2006
4 Rev. Fr. Orville Coutinho 1994 TO 2000
5 Rev. Fr. Stephen Rodrigues 1990 TO 1994
6 Rev. Fr. Denzil Vaz 1988 TO 1990
7 Rev.Fr.Chrysologus D’ Cunha 1982 TO 1988
8 Rev. Fr. Denis Duarte 1976 TO 1982
9 Rev.Fr. Tomas Braganza 1970 TO 1976
10 Rev. Fr. John Giacomella 1964 TO 1970
11 Rev. Fr. Aloysius D’Fiore 1964 only 6 Months
12 Rev Fr. Hubert D’ Rosario 1958 TO 1964
13 Rev. Fr. Maurus Casarotti 1952 TO 1958
14 Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio 1937 TO 1952
15 Rev. Fr. Adolph Tornquist 1932 TO 1937
16 Rev. Fr. Joseph Hauber 1928 TO 1932



No Name Duration
1 Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes 2015
2 Rev. Fr. Bosco D’ Mello 2009 TO 2015
3 Rev. Fr. Crispino D’ Souza 2001 TO 2009
4 Rev. Fr. Edward D’ Souza 1994 TO 2001
5 Rev. Fr. Adolph Furtado 1989 TO 1994
6 Rev. Fr John Samala 1985   TO 1989
7 Rev. Fr. Vincent Vaz 1982 TO 1985
8 Bro. P.M. Tomas 1977 TO 1982
9 Rev. Fr. Boniface D’ Souza 1973 TO 1977
10 Rev.Fr. Tomas Braganza 1970 TO 1973
11 Rev. Fr. John Giacomella 1964 TO 1970
12 Rev. Fr. Aloysius D’Fiore 1964 only 6 Months
13 Rev Fr. Hubert D’ Rosario 1958 TO 1964
14 Rev. Fr. Maurus Casarotti 1952 TO 1958
15 Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio 1937 TO 1952
16 Rev. Fr. Adolph Tornquist 1932   TO 1937
17 Rev. Fr. Joseph Hauber 1928 TO 1932